Astrologer vs Astronomer

Astrology has many areas of practice. Most modern astrologers nowadays do not practise the observational requirements of astrology, most have lost their physical connection to the night sky. The use of an ephemeris and astrological software have made life too easy for us.

I have known that Astrology is an observable, interdisciplinary science during my studies. It is important to be a keen observer of the planets and stars and to be able to identify them by site and location. This is difficult, especially when we live in the cities where pollution and neon lights block our views.

Astronomers, or stellar cartographers, are technicians. Their jobs are to identify and map out celestial bodies – the technical celestial recordings.

Most classical astrologers used to perform this function as well. But they don’t anymore. They are either too busy or no longer knowledgeable to do such work. Classical astrologers often had to see their clients during the day, and to be up all night observing on a constant basis was not possible without hiring a technician to do the night work.

We as astrologers are now concentrating on astrological forecasting, to help anyone ‘understand the heavens’. We answer question that astronomers cannot answer – “What does that mean for me?”

Those who look for a balance in Astrology should spend as much time observing the sky with their eyes as they do in using astrological software. In this way, one becomes a fully balanced astrologer.

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