Travel Times

Our natal chart indicates whether travel will be beneficial, difficult, extensive or dangerous. Also whether in most instances it will be for pleasure or for work.

For example, if your natal Sun is in the 9th house (ruling long journey and higher education), it is likely you might travel abroad or even live in a foreign country. Unless the Sun or ruler of the 9th house has very challenging aspects, travelling will more than likely be beneficial. Planets placed in your 9th house also affect travel conditions. For example, with Uranus in the 9th house you may encounter sudden changes, unexpected foreign contacts or surprise long-distance journeys.

Everyone has times which are more beneficial for travel than others. I think planetary transits are a good indicator for the conditions of your vacation. Here are some examples.

The Sun transiting the 9th house is great for long distance travel. This is a time you may be more receptive to foreign influences and ideas regarding your philosophy of life – a time for personal growth. Transiting Mercury in 9th house increases your mental desire to see foreign countries and experience different ways of life. Look out for difficult Mars aspects that may cause your journey possible accidents or conflicts. You don’t need to worry too much, however just be a bit more careful when you travel during such transit time.

Astrology is an aid, not a cause for your worries. Check your chart, take care where it needs to be, and enjoy your next vacation.

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