Astrological Predictions

From a modern perspective, timing factors such as transits and progressions, can forecast opportunities for personal growth.  Opportunities can be easy or difficult, when time is tough one needs to overcome the obstacles presented, therefore resulting in self-improvement.

Dane Rudler spoke of timing in astrology as a schedule for the unfoldment of birth potential over time.
When people’s lives are going well, they do not need advice or counseling.  But when things start going badly – loss of relationships, jobs or health – people become insecure, worried and fearful.  It is in such occasions that people come to an astrologer’s consulting room.  At these times they are more likely to seek insight or advice on what is happening.
The timing of these critical periods of crisis and change can often be seen through the timing factors in astrological prediction.  In fact, historically, one of the main questions posed to astrologers is: What is going to happen next?
In my practice, I encourage my clients to look at the positives.  Don’t just focus on the tough times in life, more often than we notice that we are blessed – hence should stay happy.  Start to count your blessings today if you haven’t been doing so.

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