To Say or Not to Say

Last night I was preparing an astrological session for my old schoolmate. I promised her to read her charts 10 months ago. It has been very busy this year because of my job and therefore I could not deliver astrological sessions as much as I wanted. I was preparing for her charts, and those needed to be ready for this weekend.

Her natal chart had most significators in detriment or fall, which meant lots of alternative expressions in her life, something that was not mainstream. The ruler of her 12th house was in 5th, indicating her creative talents were behind the scene or not known to the public. All these matched with her profession and interests.

The astrological predictions were however not encouraging. There were repeats in evidence of difficult times in the year ahead, even worse in two years time the lunar nodes would become her profected time lords, leading her to a period of mid-life crisis.

With a Libra ascendant, I always want harmonious relationships and communicate in a graceful manner – awaring the thoughts and feelings of people I talk to. It is a challenge for me to word things out positively when they are not truly bright and sunny. Sometimes I wonder do people want to know the truth if it is brutal? Would it be better to keep things to myself that may upset others if they are revealed?

To date, honestly I still sugar-coat my words when things are negative. Everyone needs hope. In my practice I look at one’s vitality in his chart. If he is a warrior and not afraid of challenge, I go ahead to tell the truth. If he is emotionally sensitive or need a lot of assurance, I speak with care.

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