The Stars are Not to be Blamed

I believe that our lives are not controlled by forces out there, but are shaped by our own thought pattern. The planets only reflect what is going on. Just as the mirror does not cause us to look old, the planets do not cause bad things to happen to us. We make bad things happen through our self-defeating, neurotic, or neglectful behaviour. If you get fired, it’s easy to blame that crazy Uranus for crossing your Midheaven. But why not blame yourself for all those times you came in late? Likewise, the planets do not cause good things to happen neither. We bring them about by our attitude of openness, determination, and faith in life’s possibilities.

You may be asking, “If that’s true, then what is the point of astrology?” That’s like asking a surgeon the point of a diagnostic x-ray, or a tourist why a road map is needed. The chart is a kind of map to show you the way…it’s not the chart’s fault if you make a wrong turn or choose not to take the best route.

It’s better to say that all charts are descriptive. The chart does describe you, but it doesn’t cause you to be that way, nor does it limit you to a negative expression of your potential.

I believe, that God has His master plan for our lifetime and everyone can reach his greatest possible growth potential. Our birth charts carry the code for this plan. Astrology is a useful study for understanding and working with the challenges we should overcome in life.

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