Sun Through the Houses

Your Sun sign is about where the Sun was found in terms of its zodiac position when you were born. For example, Sun in Gemini, Sun in Virgo etc. Here we will look briefly at the Sun in different House position of your birth chart and its general significance. Combining the Sun’s zodiac position and its location in your birth chart can indicate a person’s life purpose – what he or she wants in life to be happy.

Sun in 1st house: projects personal vitality and power

Sun in 2nd house: creative in financial dealings

Sun in 3rd house: focus on communications and thinking

Sun in 4th house: much activity in home and family

Sun in 5th house: powerful creative potential

Sun in 6th house: strong concern over health, seeks to shine in workplace

Sun in 7th house: focus on marriage and relations with the public

Sun in 8th house: creative in controlling other people’s resources

Sun in 9th house: desires unlimited knowledge and understanding of the world

Sun in 10th house: strives for public status, energy focused on career

Sun in 11th house: leadership ability in group activities

Sun in 12th house: desires to serve others behind the scene

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