Moon in Signs

Check out the Moon placement in your birthchart:

Moon in Aries: quick to react, to feel is to act.
Moon in Taurus: emotionally persistent, feelings are sensuous and earthy.
Moon in Gemini: emotionally flexible, nurtured by information.
Moon in Cancer: emotionally perceptive, strong maternal instincts.
Moon in Leo: creative instincts, dramatic display of mood.
Moon in Virgo: oriented towards achieving perfection.
Moon in Libra: sociable, refined, sensitive and cannot tolerate disharmony.
Moon in Scorpio: deep and intense emotional response.
Moon in Sagittarius: feelings are straightforward and honest.
Moon in Capricorn: emotionally reserved, instincts towards caution and conservatism.
Moon in Aquarius: emotionally sensitive to social causes, instinctively challenges traditions.
Moon in Pisces: sentimental, very sensitive and sympathetic.

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