Motion of the Moon

I have recently read an article by A. Morrison on Mental Chemistry. He researched the way we perceive and process information, which could be referenced from the apparent daily motion motion of the natal Moon in our birth chart.

We can check how fast the Moon is moving from the ephemeris. The Moon may move a bit less than 12 degree or a bit more than 15 degree in 24 hours. The rate of this apparent motion is constantly changing. All we need to know is whether the apparent motion of the Moon at birth is faster or slower than 13 degree 10 minute in 24 hours.

If the natal Moon is moving faster than 13 degree 10 minute, the person tends to perceive many more details of information other than what is sought or expected. If the Moon is moving slower than 13 degree 10 minute in 24 hours, then the person tends to seek and observe whatever is hoped, and may fail to observe or perceive other information.

The person with a ‘slow’ Moon may be sent into a room in search of a particular somebody and be unable to report afterward what else was in the room. Alternatively a person with a ‘fast’ Moon can generally give a long list of irrelevant details that are not sought or expected to be found.

According to Morrison I have a fast Moon, however my natal Mercury is earlier in the zodiac than the natal Sun, so the incoming information is very hastily dumped into my memory bin without processing.

Oh, that’s so true.

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