Saturn Transits

Looking up at the ephemeris, transiting Saturn will conjunct my Ascendant in Nov 2009, retrograde in Mar 2010 and onward for another time in Aug 2010.

Today I did a search on the last time when Saturn squared my Ascendant, that was in Jun 2003. The purpose was to draw reference from the impact of transiting Saturn on my Ascendant connection with hard aspects. Phew! It was just a busy month with loads of travelling (by the way, I love my digital diary, I can check my personal events just so easily). I expect therefore the above periods would be the same busy time, hopefully nothing more! Life however is full of surprise…afterall we are here not for holiday, but for the many lessons we need to learn!

Saturn is transiting in my 12th house (for approximately 2.5 years) before it will conjunct my Ascendant. My 12th house has Virgo on the cusp, and the 12th house relates a lot to the hidden part of oneself. With Saturn in Virgo, it is traditionally associated with astrology. It was exactly the last 2.5 years I had that burning desire to learn and sharpen my skills in this subject. When a planet that has been transiting the 12th house finally emerges into the 1st house, it is by then an important process that has been deeply private for some time finally emerges for the whole world to see.

What happens when Saturn crosses the Ascendant and goes into the 1st depends on how the individual has used its passage through the 12th. Those who have a history of irresponsibility may find that it is time simply to pay the consequence of their behaviour. Those who have done the hard work of reassessing their life path, however, are quite likely to find themselves with new skills to offer the world.

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