Sun in Aquarius

The Sun is moving its way to the zodiac section of Aquarius today at 12:28am, 20 January 2010 Hong Kong time. A few things to say about the Aquarius Sun.

People who have their Sun, Moon or Ascendant in Aquarius often exhibit unconventional or out-of-the-box behaviour. Their thinking is original, clever, surprising (well, to Saturnian like myself) and humanitarian. They love humanity but not necessarily people. They have lots of friends, people do like to get around with them. However after a while they may appear cold and distant (yes, that could be just overnight and change completely) to their friends. I love the saying that Aquarians are innocent to the sensitivities of others. Okay, I don’t get along with Aquarians very well. With a Libra Ascendant, I love harmony and peace. So I must also say (and it is true) that Aquarians have many good things. Being a fixed air sign, they are communicative, sociable, and able to work through and complete projects.

An important event while the Sun is in Aquarius is Imbolc. This is one of the four fire festivals celebrated by the Druids in the old times. Imbolc happens when the Sun moves to the 15th degree of Aquarius, that will be the 2nd of February. The origin of Imbolc was the celebration of the actual process of child birth. It was a festival of washing, of purification through water and fire. Imbolc became Candlemas in the medieval church, to celebrate the purification of Virgin Mary. It is now St. Bridget’s Day in the Catholic calendar.

Going back to Sun in Aquarius. The soul purpose for those with Sun in Aquarius is to create links and contacts that allow the distribution of Love/Wisdom through humanitarian efforts. Ideals and aspirations become reality. This is to be done in our times through group work and the formation of collective enterprises.

For all of us, a few things that are good to do while the Sun is in Aquarius:

Spend extra time with friends and networking.
Shop for electrical appliances and computers.
Experiment! Break the routine!
Make a dream list.
Make a donation – lets help the people in Haiti.

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