Chinese New Year New Moon in Aquarius

The thing I most loved in Chinese New Year is Peach Blossom. The Chinese associate them with Venus, they are auspicious for love and prosperity.

Chinese New Year calculation is based on Chinese lunar calendar (astrologically we should use the Chinese solar calendar to calculate the beginning of a year, usually is 4th or 5th of February). This new year we have new moon in Aquarius. New moon is about beginnings. New moon in Aquarius signifies beginnings of something new and unconventional. Think of the picture of Aquarius, the Water Bearer, who carries his vessel. A vessel can only hold so much. If you want to put more in, you need to first pour a little out. Let the cleansing, nourishing water flows. For all of us – pour out the bad, and pour in the good!

Notice that inner and outer spaces of our life mirror each other. If your work has been uninspired, rearrange your office and throw out old papers. If family relationships are not as harmonious as you like, give your home a top-to-bottom cleaning.

Unlike the traditional western New Year, Chinese New Year is not about making resolutions. It’s about inviting prosperity into our lives. Enjoy the newly charged air. Receive its promise. And wait for the new inspirations to come pouring in.

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