Journey to The Tradition

I am a modern astrologer by knowledge. My training in astrology came from the modern school where we used outer planets (planets that couldn’t be seen with naked eyes) of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. But I also didn’t go too far to asteroids or Chiron. My readings and predictions are towards the psychological and personal development end.

And then I studied Chinese astrology, and I wondered why their analysis were so black and white, in a way very fatalistic. Then I realised that Chinese astrology didn’t evolve for the last 2000 years, therefore all the interpretations were very ‘original’. Think about people in the old times, they worried much less about psychological trauma than whether their crops would grow in lots or their children would live long enough to inherit their land.

It is good and bad in a way. The bad is of course, that a science doesn’t evolve will make part of it obsolete as time changes; the good is that tradition is observed, and hence the pure form of science can be preserved.

Versus astrology in the western world. It has evolved a lot through time. Sometimes the evolvement can be too radical that the original significations are totally twisted.

I decided that I want to go back to the tradition (by the way today starts the new moon phase). It is a road of no return. Not a easy journey because the texts are very difficult, as all of them are pre-1700s. The concepts are also very different from modern astrology. However I am hoping that as I move on acquiring the tradition, my astrological knowledge will be deepened, hence I will be able to help myself and others in all better ways. Perhaps a new (re-newed) world view!

The starting point of my journey is horary, from the traditional perspective. Horary is a craft where the querent ask a question, and the astrologer will cast a chart of the same time reflecting the planetary conditions of the moment. By reviewing the chart he can answer the question in a clear and precise way. Questions like will I get married with this boyfriend, is this investment going to be profitable. Those can be reviewed clearly in a horary chart.

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