My Solar Return 2010

Solar return is a traditional predictive technique to study fate for a year from one’s birthday.  Today I would like to share an example of myself.  I just had my 37th birthday a couple of days ago!  This year I tried to cheat fate by relocating myself to Seoul, so that the year ahead looks a little brighter.  Please email me if you wish to have a consultation.

The Solar Return Ascendant

Zodiac sign of annual ascendant: Virgo

Major theme: 12th house – secret enemies, confinement, illness, worries, self-undoing.

Gender is female, opposite to natal ascendant male, feel a little out of sync.

The aspect between annual and natal ascendant is disjunct, can expect stress and possible health problems.

Close aspects between annual ascendant and any natal or annual planets:

Annual Asc trine annual Moon (4’42”)

Asc trine Moon in Capricorn in 5th

Emotions are grounded.

Grounded and comfortable feelings reside in your own baby (work and personal projects), friends and career.

The Planetary Ruler of the Solar Return Ascendant

Mercury, in its rulership, so dispositor (secondary ruler) is also Mercury.

Mercury in annual and natal 12th house, in retrograde.

Aspects: conjunct annual Asc (5’), trine annual Mc (4’16”).

In retrograde highlights re-thinking, re-considering, and re-do. Lots of internal process – 12th house worries and anxieties. Mercury in rulership is strong and healthy, good for related themes – self and career. In sum, I will be re-evaluating a lot about work and self, with lots of worries, but thinking should be clear.

The Sun

In annual 12th house.

Aspects between annual planets and angles:

Sun sextile Mc (5’31”), oppose Neptune (1’31”).

In sum, matters regarding hidden enemies, health and worries are highlighted (I need to pick up again my exercise regime). Nice energy regarding career but bound to illusion and deception, so need to see things carefully (Mercury in rulership should help).

The Solar Return Moon

Moon in Capricorn at its fall, partile disjunct the Sun in 12th. Looks like health problems. Need more exercise. Moon in Capricorn in 5th, strong need for success in my own projects. Business people and children play important role in my life.

Solar Return Planets Conjunct the Angles (10 degree orb) have special prominence in the year ahead.

Mercury conjunct Ascendant – thinking and communications emphasized.

Annual planets in the Solar Return 1st house

Saturn (in exaltation), Mars (in fall) and Venus (in sign).

The activities of hard work, motivation and drive; relationships are highlighted.

The Natal Chart Superimposed on the Solar Return Chart

House 1 is the most emphasized house with most planets. It is angular, therefore lots of initiations from me. It also represents the body in general hence my health is highlighted.

Sun conjunct 12th house cusp, emphasize 12th house activities – hidden enemies, restrictions, worries, anxieties, health issues.

The Solar Return Chart Superimposed on the Natal Chart

House emphasis is the same – 1st house. It is angular with initiation. It also represents the body in general hence my health is highlighted.

Conjunction to house cusps:

Saturn to 1st house cusp

Pluto to 4th house cusp

Jupiter to 7th house cusp

It again shows lots of initiatives.

2nd annual house is superimposed on 1st natal house. Personal finance is highlighted.

The Solar Return MC and its Ruler

Annual MC trine natal Uranus, trine annual Neptune.

Sudden changes and imaginations are in smooth energy with career.

MC conjunct fixed star El Nath – an indication for success, prominence and fortune.

Mercury in 12th house – hidden thoughts, restrictions and worries on career.

Mercury conjunct Asc and square MC – career is emphasized.

Planetary Aspects

Close aspects between annual planets:

Sun oppose Neptune – be careful with deception.

Mars conjunct Venus – drives on relationships. Sexy.

Saturn oppose Jupiter – limits versus restrictions.

Close aspects between natal and annual planets:

Natal vs Solar

Venus opposite Jupiter

Venus conjunct Saturn

Venus square Pluto

Mars trine Pluto

Saturn square Jupiter

Saturn square Saturn

Saturn opposite Pluto

Pluto opposite Jupiter

Pluto conjunct Saturn

Asc conjunct Saturn

Asc opposite Uranus

MC square Jupiter

MC square Saturn

MC square Uranus

Lots of hard aspects with Saturn and Pluto involved. A climate of hard work and transformation. A productive year.

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