Will I be able to do the home decor business?

Our company is having heated debate on how to restructure ourselves for the next three years.  My boss has an idea that I should be looking after the home decor areas in the next few years.  I am very interested to know whether I will end up doing the business.  Therefore I cast a horary chart to look into the future.

The chart was set up at 8:05 pm, 3 September 2010, Hong Kong.

The Querent myself, is represented by Lord 1, Mars; co-significator is the Moon.  The Quesited is Lord 10, represented by Saturn.  Mars is in Libra, he exalts Saturn.  He loves the home decor business, in a kind of exaggerated way.  He is in his detriment, essentially very weak, doesn’t have its own power.  Also it is in the 7th, being controlled by ‘the others’. 

Saturn is in his exaltation and term, the home decor business is good.  It is in the detriment of Mars, he doesn’t like Mars (me).  What does Saturn like? Saturn likes Venus, representing ‘the others’.  However it doesn’t really matter, for the job itself has no feelings.
Further looking at Mars, he conjuncts fixed star Foramen which is a blind spot.  It says I didn’t see clearly the picture, therefore probably the home decor business is not as good as it seems.  The Moon, representing the heart of the Querent, is in detriment of Saturn.  My heart doesn’t really like home decor, this is kind of true because it is a complicated and volatile area.

Moon as co-significator of the Querent, is going to trine Saturn as the next aspect.

The judgement is I will be handling home decor business in the next few years.  I pray to God for guidance.

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