Where is my coin case?

I lost my coin case a day ago and wanted to know where it is.  I have drawn a horary chart in order to find it.  1 Sep 2010. 8:11am CCT. Hong Kong. 6 Libra Asc.

Ascendant conjunct FS Zaniah, of nature Mercury and Venus, fortunate theme.

The Querent is L1Venus and co-significator is the Moon. The Quesited, is L2 Mars.

L2 is in house 1, so the coin case is still with me. The location is obvious as the case is in my mundane and celestial houses, so definitely with or on me. 

When will I be able to find it?  L2 Mars can never catch L1 Venus before they change sign. The Moon will be able to translate the light after she changes sign, picking up at 20 Gemini to trine Mars and then trine Venus at 23 Gemini. But it is much too far away. Also there are prohibitions with the aspect.

I found my coin at at 7:30pm on the same day, which is about 12 hours after the chart is casted, inside my handbag (I put it in another compartment of the bag that I couldn’t see earlier).

Where do I see this from the chart?  Next Venus (L1) aspect in light of our investigation is to conjunct the 2nd house cusp – she is nearing the end of a sign so we can push her slightly forward – she will conjunct the 2nd house cusp – to the house of moveable assets, in a time unit of roughly 11 – which is when I found it.

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