Will she win?

My friend is considering to sue the company for making her redundant due to their refusal of her pay rise and promotion request after 3 months of overtime work.  Will she win?

10:16pm 6 March 2010 Hong Kong Asc 8 Scorpio 29
We shall look at it as a turned chart.  L7 will be the turned L1, her significator is Venus.  The company is represented by turned L7, i.e. L1 Mars.  The turned L10 judge is Saturn and the turned L4 verdict is the Sun.

L1 (turned) is angular in the 4th, accidentally dignified, Mars L7 (turned) is in succedent house and combust the Sun.  The querent has a lot of power to act.  Looking at the essential dignity, Venus is in its face, not very strong.  Mars is in its triplicity so L7 is stronger than L1.  However essential dignity has lamentably little to do with the matter of who wins.

Looking at mutual reception, L7 exalts L1 Venus, the company consider the quesited a strong rival so she is in a fine position to push for settlement.  However no aspects can be made between L7 and L1 therefore no settlement outside the court.

The judge (turned L10) is controlled by the Querent, as Venus is sitting on the cusp.  Saturn is ruled by Venus in essential dignity.  Venus is in the sign and term of Saturn.  The judge and the querent are in support of each other.
The verdict is the Sun (turned L4).  Neither the Moon, Venus or Mars can make aspect to it.  

With the accidental strengths of L1 and also looking at the mutual reception between L1, L7 and L10, I judge that the querent will win if she is going to sue the company.  Also the rival combust is a bad sign for the rival and shows, together with the MR between Venus and Saturn that the quesited will win.

Out of interest to look at the money of the company – turned L8.  It is ruled by Jupiter who is in his triplicity.  The company does has money to pay for the compensation.  It is in the term and detriment of Venus, so in a way is harming the querent as obviously after the trial she will lose her job even though she will get some money. I would advise against it going to trial – if she wants to keep her job. The Moon will perform a ToL between Venus and Jupiter – so although we don’t have a settlement between the 2 parties, she will get compensation in some form or other from her open enemy – but at the loss of her job – her job also L10 is combust by antiscion. 

The Part of Resignation and Dismissal is at 9 Scorpio 20, just inside (and conjunct) the Asc – so the company is definitely thinking of dismissing her! And next aspect from Venus is to sextile Jupiter, its dispositor, by the Moon’s ToL. We don’t require a name for the Moon but it is her 3rd – so any communication she sends/engages in with the company is going to get her fired.

The 7th cusp (Asc) on Hamal – the death wound – is most negative for her as well.

It is obvious the company is still doing her a lot of harm but if she decides to sue the company she will lose her job, which sadly is something hard to afford.

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