The Importance to Assess a Chart Thoroughly

My friend has a horse.  Her horse has been sick for a while and she said her horse seems to get better.  I want to know whether her horse is still unwell, and whether her horse is getter better or worse.

Chart data: 4.04pm 22 Apr 2011 Hong Kong Asc 25 Virgo.
My friend Vicky’s (H11) horse (12th from 11th, i.e. radical 10th, ruler Mercury) is still unwell (Mercury is in Aries, cold and dry planet in hot and dry sign).  However the horse is getting better as if it is about to walk out from the sick bed (Mercury in 2nd station about to turn direct, Mercury will not perfect the opposition of Saturn, turned L8 from the horse as Saturn is retrograding). 

Problem is that Mercury will come into contact with the disease/illness again as it will perfect the Mars conjunction. So while the horse may be taking a turn for the better as it was separating from the disease/illness and is at 2nd station, it is very likely that it will become ill again as Mercury is applying to the illness when it turns direct. And there is  MC conjunct the S Node which is not good for the horse either. Mars is also radical L8 of  the house of death.

I was assessing the chart half way and the blue comment was advised by my teacher.  I now see how important it is to assess the chart thoroughly.

All matters in the world is subject to the Will of God, who knows no ends.  By all means my friend, prove me wrong.  Blessings.

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