Temperament Assessment

There are four temperaments on Earth.  Everyone has one temperament being very dominant, and perhaps also a secondary temperament which is influential yet of lesser importance.  Our life is, imagine it as a piece of cloth.  A cloth can be made of different material, it can be silk, linen, cotton, denim etc.  This is the basic ‘make’ of one’s life and we cannot change that.  We are seeing every piece of cloth may come with different embroideries or stitching – those that are like ice glacing on top of a cake.  However behind all these fancies it goes back to our basic temperament.

The four temperament are: choleric which is hot and dry; sanguine which is hot and moist; melancholic which is cold and dry; phlegmatic which is cold and moist.  The concept came from traditional medical astrology and also followed the change in season – spring, summer, autumn and winter.

It is important to understand the ‘make’ of yourself so that one can then develop the best part of it, avoid the pitfalls from what you are lacking, and also be able to communicate with others more efficiently.

Temperament can be assessed via detail review of one’s natal chart.

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