Will my colleague quit her job and if so, when will that happen?

My company has serious restructure recently and is affecting a lot of people.  Lots of colleagues have been troubled by this.  I would like to know if my co-worker is leaving because this will be affecting me as well.  Hence I asked a horary question for her.

Chart data: 19 July 2011 1:30pm Hong Kong
Pinky is my colleague represented by L7 (turned L1) who is Venus.  Venus is cadent in H9, in cardinal sign Cancer.  She is not fixed, meaning she is not very attached to her current job.  Venus combusts the Sun so Pinky cannot see clearly about the job.
The job is represented by turned L10 Saturn.  Saturn conjuncts FS Vindemiatrix which is a lot of sadness.  Saturn is in his exaltation, which looks better than it seems.  However it is noted Saturn does have lots of dignity as it is also in his triplicity and terms, also he is in his house of joy.  So really there is good and bad about the job, but I would say the FS Vindemiatrix and the exaltation both suggest the job has its downside.
Venus is in detriment of Saturn.  She hates the job.  However Saturn is ruled by Venus.  While she hates the job she can manage her job well.  The job is under her control.

Venus exalts Jupiter.  What does Pinky want?  She really likes the money coming from the job (Jupiter is turned L11, money from the job).  Jupiter is sitting on the cusp of turned H1, money from the job is controlling her mind.

Venus is in middle of Cancer, there is a long way for her to change sign.  Cancer is a crab, holding onto things.  She is going to stay in the company for a long time.

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