Using the Traditional Planets for Business Plan

The 7 traditional planets can be considered as angels of God, which governs every aspect of our human life.  In the traditional Chaldean order, the 7 traditional planets are: Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Sun, Venus, Mercury and the Moon.  Men live below the sublunar level, Saturn is the closest planet to God in traditional world view.

Today I thought about we can actually use the 7 planets as an intellectual framework when we plan for our business projects.  By having all the 7 dimensions well thought out, our business plan can be closer to perfection, of course, this is subject to God’s view.

Here is what we should consider when we start our project plan:

1. Saturn – structure and organisation.  How well structured is our plan?  What are the boundaries?  Who shall be responsible for each part of the work?
2. Jupiter – growth and expansion.  What are the advantages and opportunities? What makes us confident that the plan would work?  What elements we should add to perfect the plan?
3. Mars – courage and motivation.  Are we bold enough to take risk?
4. Sun – leadership.  Do we have good leaders?  Is it the right direction?
5. Venus – pleasure and beauty.  How’s the aesthetic appeal?  Do we have fun for this project?
6. Mercury – communication and thought process.  Documents and presentation files, double check that they are clear and well thought out.
7. Moon – emotion.  Did we address the emotional aspect of the audience?

We can make better business plan considering these 7 dimensions each time.

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