Does my wife has another lover?

A friend called yesterday just before my office is closing for Chinese New Year.

He has been worrying that his wife is having an affair with someone else as he felt the relationship has been cooling.  I quickly did a horary chart for him to look into the situation.

Chart data: 20 Jan 2012 18:20 Hong Kong, using Regiomontanous house system.

Here is my edited note to him after reading the chart.

I have done a horary chart for you – you know you are my special friend.
You are Lord 1 represented by the Sun and the Moon.  The Sun is in Capricorn, ruled by Saturn.
Your wife is represented by Lord 7 Saturn.  You are totally controlled by your wife at this minute, and you feel yourself powerless in this situation.  Sun is in his fall in Aquarius.
Saturn is in Libra in the fall of the Sun.  Saturn hates the Sun.  Your wife doesn’t like you so to speak.  The Sun and Saturn is making a partile square with the Sun separating from Saturn.  In simple term, at the moment you are walking a little away from your wife, but you are controlled by your wife and you love her so much.  On the other hand she doesn’t like you.
The Moon is about to perform translation of light by first square Mars and then sextile Saturn.  The Moon is a connector here bringing Mars to Saturn (your wife).  What is Mars?  Mars is Lord of 4th house or the turned Lord 10 of your wife i.e. either your wife’s career or your land properties.   It can be either of it – you will know better.  What does your wife think about Mars?  Saturn is in Libra in detriment of Mars.  She hates Mars.  So even she gets connected to Mars, she doesn’t like Mars (i.e. her career or your land property).
However we must see that Saturn is very soon going to change sign to Scorpio.  Scorpio is ruled by Mars, i.e. very soon she is going to like a lot and being controlled by her career or your land property.  Also by that time she will no longer hate you, because her Lord will have moved away from Libra which is in the fall of the Sun.
The Sun is going to change sign too in his 29 degree.  Sun is moving to Aquarius, rules and in triplicity of Saturn.  You will become even more loving towards your wife.
I don’t see there is any 3rd person lover in this picture.

I talked to him afterwards and he confirmed that there are indeed property issues that cause bitterness in the relationship.

I was so glad the result was afterall a positive one!  I would never want to scare people off.

Horary chart delivers very accurate result and not every time people are happy to hear.  That’s why in my practice I always say to clients not to ask anything they are not ready to uptake.  Very often they say yes before the consultation and then at the end they walk away with regret.  Obviously I can soften my speech but never can I say something just to please others.

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