Questions on Death

I met a friend who shared with me her fortune teller told her when she was going to die.  This happened when she was a teenager and ever since the could not get this off her mind.  When she described to me how the fortune teller gave her judgement, by only reading her palm lines (which at that time her hands had not even grown to full adult size), without any knowledge on horary astrology, without checking her birth chart…I was one hundred percent sure that she had been fooled for so many years since the ‘fortune telling’.  May all positive energies and light be with her.

I have never been asked with questions about ‘will I die’, or ‘when will i die’ in my practice.  Phew!  Personally I do not wish to handle questions on death, because while the techniques of predicting death are reliable as an astrologer I could be wrong.  The stake is huge here and given the complexities there could be error with my judgement.

So how questions on death can be judged?  For example, when will I die?  There are broadly two steps: firstly to cast a horary chart at the time the question is asked, and then to check with the birthchart of the querent. This is not a fail-safe, but it does mean you must get it wrong twice to be in error with your judgement.    

In the horary chart what you do is to find out the significators of Lord 1 (querent) and Lord 8 (death).  Well-behaved charts will have an applying aspect between the two.  As ever, it does not matter which applies to which.  Any aspects can kill.  There are only two barriers that we cannot allow our significators to pass, i.e. (1) conjunction with the Sun and (2) station.  Forget about the antiscion.  Death cannot have the sense of the covert or hidden that antiscia can carry.  Lord 1 on 8th cusp, or Lord 8 applying to the Ascendant are not testimonies because they only show the querent is thinking about death.

In those charts where there is no applying aspect between Lord 1 and Lord 8, we must find another significator for one or the other.  This can be the Moon or the Sun as alternative Lord 1; Saturn, or the dispositor of the Part of Death for alternative Lord 8.  When you have found the aspect showing death, time it in the usual way (ref John Frawley’s Textbook on Horary Astrology).

After you get the result, double check the native’s birthchart.  I will employ the length of life technique as in Hellenistic astrology (I am still learning), without that one should search through years of progressions, profections and transits of the native.

This is a lot of work, I think this will take me a week to do all these in order to make a confident judgement.  Afterall, do you really want to know when you will die?  Although the idea of predicting death may seem off-putting, there are many reasons for people sincerely wanting to know.  The most common are when the querent has to make financial provision for the care of an elderly relative and when the patient is receiving treatment for a potentially fatal illness.

1 thought on “Questions on Death

  1. Sharyn Mallow Woerz

    I've been reading back through your blog and appreciate your sharing your insights about astrology. Astrology is one thing I wish I'd started studying in my youth rather than so late in the day 🙂



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