When a Star is Born

Do you know you can pick an auspicious time to start a new project?  While this does not guarantee success, in my experience it makes the subject a little easier to achieve the desired result.  After all, it is better for us to follow the direction of the wind when we sail, or the flow of the river when we swim, isn’t it?

I did not pick the most auspicious time to start this blog.  It was the forces of the universe that conjured up this space.

Today I fired up my computer to study the birth chart of Oracle Senboku blog.  This blog began on a Mercury day (Wednesday) in a Mercury hour.  This was fitting for such project because Mercury symbolises the messenger God, he rules writing and communication.  Mercury day + Mercury hour = double Mercury power.  Yeah!  Astrological election (auspicious time selection) can be done in simple or complicated way, the simplest yet effective one is the use of planetary days and hours.  Everyone can learn to do this, I am hoping to explain about this in future.

The first question in my mind was whether this blog would last long.  I started a blog 5 years ago and sadly I gave up 18 months later.  I wanted this one to be more permanent.  The angles of the chart were in fixed signs (Leo on the 1st house cusp, Scorpio on the 4th house cusp, Aquarius on the 7th house cusp and Taurus on the 10th house cusp).  This was excellent news!  Fixed signs implied something that do not move easily.  The 2 benefic planets (Jupiter and Venus) were angular, giving them lots of power to act benevolently.  However the malefic Mars was strong as he was at the angle, and in his detriment.  Mars conjunct Mercury (natural ruler of writing), this reminded me of my tendency to publish anything in a rush without thinking carefully.  This was a good reminder.  My Sun sign Leo was the same as the ruler of this chart.  I think I could go on and on.  But it was enough to know the boat has started sailing in the same direction of the wind.

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