Beltane: Time to Celebrate!

Spring is here!  For many of us this means a relief from the dark cold days of winter.  The greening of the earth is now apparent everywhere.  This time of the year is often associated with fiery passion.

Beltane (1st May) is one of the days of power in pre-Christian folk religions of Europe.  It is a time to celebrate the fertility of the land as spring returns.  Beltane is one of the four major Sabbats (religious observance), the other three being Lammas, Samhain and Imbolc. Beltane’s traditional date was chosen as the mid-point between the vernal equinox and summer solstice (two of the four minor Sabbats). Due to the change in the earth’s axis of rotation over time, this point is now closer to 5th May, but the traditional date is still favoured.

Why should we celebrate?  First of all, it is nice to have something to celebrate, as a constant reminder that we shall live in joy everyday.  It is a time when we can raise energy to effect the needed change, with focus on fertility and growth.  These days, a celebration of fertility does not necessarily mean your goal is human reproduction. Perhaps you have a garden that you would like to grow well this season?  If you have a private enough yard (and a lover), making love in the garden is a way of honouring and insuring the fertility of the seeds you have planted.  Or maybe there are projects you would like to complete, goals you need to reach for, dreams you would like come true…all of these things can benefit from the Beltane celebration of growth and fertility.

You don’t have to be a witch or wizard in order to celebrate Beltane. In fact, you may have already been a part of a Beltane celebration if you’ve ever attended a May Day party. Throwing your own Beltane or May Day party is a great way to celebrate the coming spring.  Make a wreath of flowers or fragrant herbs (rosemary is a nice smelling one that tends to grow in abundance) for someone you would like to know better. Or you can simply say a prayer during this special day of power to ask your God or Goddess to assist you to grant your request.  Many blessings to you.

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