Beltane Tea for One?

So what to do if you are on your own during this festive Sabbat?  The answer is: a lot!  Here are my ideas for you to try out.  They are magical!

I mentioned about giving prayer to your God or Goddess on my last post.  On 1st May (which luckily is bank holiday in my part of the world), celebrate Beltane near a living tree.  A central park will be good.  You pick a tree which attracts to you, doesn’t matter how it looks like.  Then touch it and feel the earth energy from it.  The tree is connected to the mother earth which he can draw from her life energy in abundance.  You will feel the energy via the tree.  While touching the tree, say the following Blessing Chant.  This comes from my book of shadow (a magical journal with grimoire and spells) through my studies, you can make your own version and in your own language.  The universe understands.

The Blessing Chant

may the powers of The One

the source of all creation

all-pervasive, omnipotent, eternal

may the Goddess, the lady of the moon

and the God, horned hunter of the sun

may the powers of the spirits of the stones

rulers of the elemental realms

may the powers of the stars above and the earth below

bless this place, and this time, and I who am with you

Then you hold your wand up-raised, and say the following prayer.  Oh!  I hear you say where on earth do I find my wand?  Don’t worry, you can pick up a tree branch off from the floor as your wand.  It is just a tool to help you direct your energy.  Mine was bought from a Harry Potter gift store, one that used by Hermione Granger.  I am in love with it!

A Beltane Prayer

O Mother Goddess, queen of the night and of the earth;

O Father God, king of the day and of the forests,

I celebrate your union as nature rejoices in a vivid blaze of colour and life.

From your mating shall spring forth life anew;

Abundance of living creatures shall cover the lands,

And the winds will blow pure and sweet.

O ancient ones, I celebrate with you!

Then make an intent on what you desire to grow in love and abundance, and harm none!

Weaving and plaiting are traditional arts at this time of year, for the joining together of two substances to form a third is in the spirit of Beltane.  How about some food to celebrate?  Food traditionally comes from the dairy, my favourites are custard and vanilla ice cream.  Enjoy!

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