The Fool Tarot Rider Waite

What can we learn from The Fool?

He is the first card in tarot’s major arcana.  Interestingly The Fool is not the number 1, he is the number 0.  It is a little silly isn’t it?  That’s probably why he is called The Fool.

Major arcana in tarot describe the archetypes of people.  There are 22 archetypes.  Each one of us will act like one of them, in different time and situation.  So sometimes we can be a Fool too!  Learning the tarot cards will allow you to understand yourself, your friends, and maybe even the mundane world better.    Because of better understanding, we can make better decisions.  You can become a tarot card reader too!

The Fool is someone who is about to embark a new phase in life.  What do we need to be aware of, when we are about to begin a new journey, a new project or a new relationship?  The answers can be found in the card.

The Fool is a happy guy.  Like him when we start on something new, we get very excited.  We shall remind ourselves to take risk with child-like optimism and innocence.  Also, since a new point of view may offer a surprising solution to our problem, this card asks us to remain open to new ideas.  Sometimes you may feel like him – standing at the edge of a cliff about to fall off!  Then ask yourself: am I obsessively optimistic?  Too impulsive to act?  What are the risk factors that I haven’t yet considered?  Do you see the barking dog behind him?   She is a kind reminder to The Fool that he must strive to keep matters in perspective.

See, you just learned how to read a tarot card.  It is very easy isn’t it?  A picture speaks a thousand words.  Come back to this card and meditate on it when you are about to start something new and exciting.

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