A Joyful Heart

This card from the Chakra Wisdom Oracle pops up to me this morning.  What does she say to you?

I don’t know much about this dancing woman, but I know she brings joy when she appears!  Everyone sees her becomes happier and more peaceful.  Arguments also stop as she comes close.  She is a conduit of joy, and she is coming to you today.  Ask yourself: what can you do to invite happiness into your life?

Let’s do a little magical meditation.  Take a look at her and allow her joy to come to you.  Visualize the sunflowers on her dress growing so big that they embrace you fragrantly.  Now imagine a ball of sunshine filling your heart.  Let it expand, allowing the room to be filled with this radiant energy.  Send it out to the universe with love.

May your heart desires manifest quickly after touching this energy.  So mote it be.

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