Good omen, bad omen.

What would you consider a lucky omen, or an unlucky one?  Our ancestors were fascinated by the supernatural, in their world everyday there were matters magical and mysterious.  Many ideas were passed down from generations before us and embedded in our unconscious.  What do you think about these?


Rising on the Right Side

To rise on the right side is accounted lucky.

Throwing the Shoe

To throw an old shoe after any person when we wish him to succeed in what he is going about is lucky.  For this reason an old shoe is often thrown after the bride and bridegroom on their leaving the church.

Finding a Horseshoe

It is very lucky to find a horseshoe, and all the more lucky if the shoe is studded with nails.  (This is mentioned because of my horse-loving friend who lives in an address with such name.)

Luck in the Wedding Dress

To be lucky the bride must wear –

Something old and something new.
Something gold and something blue.

Should a girl find a spider on her wedding dress she may consider herself uncommonly fortunate.  No girl who would be a happy bride must take a hand in the making of her wedding cake or the sewing of her bridal gown.


Breaking a Looking-glass

To break a looking-glass causes seven years of sorrow.

Putting Shoes On

The accidental putting on of the left shoe on the right foot, or vice vera may be taken as the precursor of some unlucky accident.  Also, to take off or put on the left shoe before the right is unlucky.

Don’t Walk under a Ladder

 To walk under a ladder, according to some, is a sign that you will be hanged, but this is to exagerate the ill-luck.

Sweeping at Night

A good housewife will never sweep the floor at night.  Should circumstances ever compel her to do so she will sweep dirt into a corner, and not lift it till the morning.  Any other course will lead to misfortune.

Going in by the Back Door

It is unlucky to enter a house which you are going to occupy by the back door.

May your day filled with happy magic and good omens.  What about the bad ones?  Oh, you just don’t know them!

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