Colour Magic

What is your most favourite colour?  Does it make you happy just by visualizing it?  Imagine that you are immersed into the colour, how do you feel?

Colours can be used for healing.  They can make us feel more radiant and alive.  Our clothes, shoes and jewellery; our food and drinks; our home and garden are all surrounded by colours.  Their impact on us can be amazing!  By bringing more colours into our lives we can raise our energy level to become more flexible, creative and happy.

Let’s try the following simple exercises to explore the colour magic.


Pink is the colour of unconditional love.  This exercise opens your heart to give and receive love.

First of all, be aware of any tension in the body.  Take a few deep breath and allow your body to soften.  Close your eyes and imagine you are holding the most beautiful Pink flower.  Breathe in its sweet scent, imagine Pink light from the flower flowing into your heart and filling it up with unconditional love.

Now, think of someone you love, and allow the love you feel to pour from your heart into his or hers.  Savour the feeling of love and the union.  Immerse yourself in Pink and let her light heal you.


Chocolate is earth colour.  It provides boundaries and encourages structure.  It gives resilience to crisis situation.  From time to time, nourish your body and soul with Chocolate!

Today, make yourself a cup of hot Chocolate and sip it slowly.  Allow its warmth and sweetness to pamper you.  While you are enjoying the cup, think about how you can nourish and indulge yourself more.  Perhaps write down 3 nourishing ideas for yourself this week, and do them.  Love yourself more.

Hope you enjoy the exercises.  Many blessings.

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