You are doing great. 

Time has come for grandma to say goodbye.  For her whole life she looked after the family with love.  Grandma was a simple woman: church on Sunday, holidays spent with her kids, and let them grow up as they pleased.  She had a rewarding family life.  From her I learned about compassion and sacrifice.

There were times she felt regret for not having a career outside the home.  And she said to me:

I had wanted so much from my life, to be a professional and work in an office.  It was at the end that I realised my dreams had more than come true.  It was in giving up what I had thought I needed that I found all that I desired.

Are you seeing your life as a great accomplishment?  Though we may wish things to be different, the universe softly let us know this is exactly what we need.

How can I make the most of my present situation?  What I can do to be of service?  This is an opportunity to look at where we are today.

May I wish you contentment in who you are, and by servicing others you fill yourself with joy and precious memories.

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