The Light Eaters

I wonder if you sometimes share the same experience as me?  Someone came to visit me for an astrological consultation last week, we had a good long discussion about her issues.  After she left, I felt my energy was drained completely.  It took me an hour of yoga, a box of blueberries and some pineapple slices (l love them, my energy food), and a documentary DVD (about German Art, very boring, but was excellent for mind rest) to recover.

We all have one of those friends.  This kind of friends are who I called the eaters of light.  They will say to you, ‘I feel so good when I talk with you.’  They are harmless, they just need the light that they can’t produce for themselves which is why they eat your light, leaving you temporarily exhausted.

Then there are people who you really don’t want to have around.  Again they could be harmless, but there might be a clash of personalities. Or he or she could be someone you’ve just never particularly liked. Like it or not, these encounters will inflict negative energy upon us and it is necessary to find ways to protect ourselves.  Remember we do have the right to defend ourselves, but not to accuse someone unjustly.

The best remedy is to stay positive at all times.  Think joy and happiness.  You have the goodness of the universe on your side, and it will not let any injustice into your sacred self.  Protect yourself while continue to give love and light to people around you.  This is good for our spiritual and personal growth.

A little defense magic could be fun here!  So long as your heart is pure, you are not inflicting physical or emotional harm against innocent souls.  Positive thoughts create loving, healing energies. Here are 2 of my crafts I learned elsewhere that you may try:

Angry Boss No More

Sweeten up your boss by writing his or her name on a piece of paper and then pour honey all over it.  Leave the paper alone for a few days and you will see the change take place.  Repeat again whenever needed.

Absorb It

Before you leave your office, leave a glass of water where your colleagues get together to sit down, meet and discuss.  Or leave it by your desk next to your computer or telephone.  In the next morning when you arrive at the office, take the glass and throw its content down to the pantry sink.  All the negative energies from the day before will be absorbed into the water and will be gone.

So mote it be!

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