What can we learn from The High Priestess

What do you want to know?  This is the first question The High Priestess will ask you when you see her.  Or she might ask you why you don’t listen to your inner voice, as the answer is clear in your heart.

Something is going on beneath the surface.  The High Priestess appears when you need to attend to your intuition and inner-most feelings.  The best thing to do now is to reflect, meditate and pray.  Trust your feelings, for they are your best counsel.  She also wants to remind you of the need to spice up your bedroom activities, as your interest in sex is at a low.  This can be your true need, let your feelings guide you.

What we can learn from The High Priestess is that sometimes we may be overly intellectual or rational in our approach to problem solving.  Our unconscious is trying to tell us something but we are not willing to listen.  We need to be in touch with our feelings once again, and sense what is happening beneath the surface.  Be still.  Inhale, exhale. One moment.  The answer is in our heart.

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