Crystal Magic: Jade Your Good Fortune Crystal

I received a beautiful annivesary gift from my besty, we have known each other for 35 years – a bit more now. While we are living far apart our hearts and thoughts are always together.  She remains forever one of my two besties in life.  Am very grateful for her presence: physical and spiritual.  We must have known each other for many incarnations.

Jade is a stone of good fortune, long used to attract abundance of all kinds.  There are 2 types of Jade: nephrite and jadeite.  Jadeite has a deeper green colour and is known as imperial jade. Nephrite is less dense than jadeite, they can be found in China, Canada, New Zealand and Russia.  Both of them have the same healing properties.  Jade helps you to be grateful for what you already have.

If you have issues around money, whether from lack or over-indulgence, Jade will assist you in overcoming them. This crystal encourages self-sufficiency, reminds you that ‘God helps those who help themselves.’  Jade is protective and helps make the most of what you have, even when there are times seem very little.

How to use Jade?  Place it under your pillow, Jade will promote insightful dreams and help bring them into being.  It will also help unblock your negative core beliefs.  The process is automatic during your sleep.  Trust the universe.  You may wear Jade or keep it in your wallet to invite prosperity into your life.  You may also hold Jade on your heart chakra and meditate for about 1 minute.  This will help stabilise and integrate your personality, which then create a sense of belonging, sensitivity and security.  

Just before you use any crystal, you will need to clean it.  The simplest way is to hold it under running water for a few moments and then place it in the sun to re-energise.  Once it is cleansed and re-energised, hold it in your hands and dedicate it to the highest good.  You can do this by saying your clear intention to the crystal with a positive affirmation:

Flow to me, and through me
In an easy and relaxed manner
In a healthy and positive way
In His perfect timing
For the highest good of all

Enjoy the experience, invite crytal magic to manifest in your life.

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