What can we learn from The Empress

She is the sign of fertility.  Hidden under her royal gown The Empress is pregnant.  For the reader who wants pregnancy this is the card she will be most happy to pick up.  The Empress is rich, earthy, and full of resources – we can see her background in the card with beautiful dress, growing plants, irrigating water…she has everything. Perhaps you are The Empress without your knowing?  Have you noticed there is abundance all around you, yet you have taken them for granted?  The card is a reminder for us to count our blessings, knowing that all we need are within and around us.

Like pregnancy, sometimes we must wait for the natural flow of things.  The Empress advises us to keep our balances and let nature take its course.  Let whatever is of concern fall into place naturally.  Like the 4 seasons in a year, there is a time for everything.  We shall learn acceptance that we live in cycle and God knows when is best time to provide what we need.  While there will be highs and lows in life, all will come to pass.  We must learn to be grateful for the goodness we have now.

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