What can we learn from The Emperor

The King is a man of authority.  There is a calling for respect for his power and rulership.  Afterall, he is a man of influence.  When you pick up this card, it is a reminder of our drive for achievement, success, respect and stability.  The associated concepts include: leadership, structure, logic, law and order, a father figure and royalty.

People who have a strong Aquarius emphasis on his chart (for example if you have a mix of Aquarius Sun sign, Aquarius Moon sign, Aquarius in the Ascendant, or many planets in Aquarius) naturally find this card difficult to uptake.  This is because they are usually freedom fighters who find authority and pre-set rules intimidating.    While The Emperor is ruled by Aries, he has a lot of resemblance on Leo qualities.  Leo is in opposition to Aquarius in the zodiac, hence it makes The Emperor card and its energy difficult for the Aquarians.

What shall we learn from him?  The Emperor asks us to grow up, it is time to act responsibly in a structured, stable environment.  In order to achieve success we shall use rational thoughts and direct actions.  This is a card of authority, stability, respect and structure.  For now, these are the keys to move forward.

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