What can we learn from The Hierophant

What do you think about him?  To me he looks like the Pope in a church who is full of divine wisdom, and always ready to give professional advice…probably on spiritual matters.  He is conservative and prefers tradition.  I feel he wears a mask to hide his true feelings.  Is there anything you would like to consult him?

If you ask about love, he will suggest a very traditional or platonic relationship.  This will be most auspicious if you are about to get married.  The Hierophant is giving his blessing.  If you consult him about work, he will ask you to be pragmatic and follow the established rules and systems, or seek help from an expert.  If you ask him about spiritual matters, he will advise you to focus on moral development, as if he is a wise guide or teacher who will help you with your spiritual search.

Any unorthodox approaches are against his character.  He is a constant reminder of integrity and the virtue of not breaking the convention. However, we do need to think outside of our boxes. Sometimes we may need to try an unconventional approach to solve our current problems.  Dare to be different. To succeed, we improvise and innovate.  Too much non-conformity can make progress difficult, whereas traditional methods may no longer be able to produce the desired result.  Trust your heart. The answer is always in the balance.

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