Your Four Elements Questionnaire

The following questionnaire will help you find out your elemental preference.  Don’t think too much, and do this very quickly.  There are only 10 easy questions.  Let’s do it.

1. Would you rather:

A. Feel the wind on your face

B. Lie down on the forest floor

C. Stand in the ocean

D. Sit by a camp fire

2. In magical world fantasy I want to be a wizard who masters in:

A. Wand magic like Harry Porter

B. Herb magic like kitchen witch

C. Magical Potion making

D. Candle magic

3. When I am upset, it calms me to:

A. Take slow, deep breaths

B. Go on a nature kike

C, Take a bath or shower

D. Meditate on a candle flame

4.The natural disaster I find most awe-inspiring is:

A. Tornado

B. Earthquake

C. Tsunami

D. Wild fire

5. If I could transform at will into one of these animals, I would choose to be a:

A. Bird

B. Forest-dwelling animal

C. Sea creature

D. Reptile or Salamander

6. If I were to spend an afternoon playing like a little kid, I would probably:

A. Fly a kite

B. Dig in the sand

C. Splash around in a pool

D. Play with sparklers or other small fireworks.

7. When I admire a tree, I most appreciate:

A. The fluttering of the leaves

B. Its firmness

C. Its vitality

D. Its beauty

8. If I had to choose, I would rather be:

A. Caught outside in heavy winds

B. Covered head to toe in mud

C. Outside in a rainstorm

D. In a desert in intense heat

9. If I could travel in style, I would go by:

A. Private jet

B. Limousine

C. Yacht

D. Race car

10. If I won a trip to Bali, I would be most excited about:

A. Parasailing

B. Wandering in the rain forests

C. Enjoying the beach and ocean

D. Exploring the volcanoes

Scoring: mostly A = air, mostly B = earth, mostly C = water, mostly D = fire

Which did you get?  Did you get more than one elemental preference?

Now you may explore the element or elements to find out what kind of activities will nurture your soul (and make the most of your magickal potential).  If it’s water, sit by a stream for a while, take a bath, stand in the rain.  If fire seems to be the one, surround yourself with candles or sit by a camp fire.  If it’s air, take a talk on a windy day,  If it’s earth, plant some flowers or simply lie on bare ground.

This questionnaire has been adapted from Melanie Marquis’ book.

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