What can we learn from The Lovers

When my clients ask about love and they pull out this card, my usual advice is bingo!  For love is on the horizon.  This is especially the case when Two of Cups also appears in a spread.  If they ask about how connected their lovers are to them, I will ask them to study the image, and invite them to share with me what they think.  For the distance is in the conscious, and tarot is an excellent tool to bring awareness to the surface.  The Lovers card is ruled by Gemini. Gemini are twins, which means 2, which implies there is a choice.  If they ask whether the choice is right or wrong, in love matters or otherwise, the card acts as a prompt to encourage the clients to think twice to make sure the choice is what they really want.

The Lovers card often appears when you are faced with an important life decision and must choose which path to follow.  This card cautions you to consider carefully all the options before making a final commitment. Perhaps you are about to enter a new relationship?  Or simply you are trying to make a decision on the blue or the red dress for the dinner party?  This is a good time to think twice before your next move. Sometimes love is blind!

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