What can we learn from The Chariot

Do you travel a lot?  What do you think of your travel experience?  Will you sometimes miss home?  Sitting in The Chariot is a warrior who is constantly on his quest for his own course.  He is ruled by the zodiacal sign Cancer which symbolises home and family.  The warrior has been learning throughout his life to feel like home wherever he travels, so that everywhere he goes he can feel at ease, hence be able to perfom the best of himself.  In order to feel at home in an unfamiliar place – physically as in a foreign country, or mentally as in a new working enviroment, the warrior opens himself to new experience and embraces them.  Sometimes during his quest he has doubt, which makes him question himself whether he is steering towards the right direction.  Look at the Sphinxes in front, one is looking towards the left and the other towards the right.  Oh dear, which is the right path?  Finally he realises the key is to formulate one’s wishes clearly.  The way of the wishes is the way to fulfillment of his desires.  As long as he is on the path to his desires, everything he does is worthwhile. That will lead him to victory every time.

The card encourages us to be daring to steer our own course.  Nothing ventured, nothing gained – think carefully what you want, and then live your life accordingly and courageously.  May the Force of The Chariot be with you today.

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