A Loving Heart Exercise

Do you have any experience that however hard you tried, you cannot love someone?  I will raise my hand in split seconds!  Especially someone comes in with a lot of hate, or with a very sharp tongue that saddens me with or without his knowing.  Compassion is a beautiful thing, and when we can love the ones who we dislike, it is a sign of true spiritual evolution.

It is going to take lots of practice to open our hearts, but we will get there one day.  When that day comes, we will find peace and enlightenment in our soul.  Here is an effective exercise that I learned else where to share with you:

Focus your thoughts on someone you absolutely despise, visualize him in your mind.  Now picture the person reversing in age, going from adult to teenage, from teenage to child, and from child to a small baby.  See yourself holding the baby in your arms, look at him lovingly.  Imagine laying the baby to rest in a crib, carefully covering him with a warm blanket.  End the visualization with a loving feeling in your heart, take a deep breath, and exhale deeply, knowing that you have made progress in your spiritual development into a more compassionate person.

When we are at the best of ourselves, we have a huge chance to attract and produce the greatest love. What can you do right now to reflect more of who you really are?  Let these qualities shine.

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