New Moon in Cancer

Another new moon is on the horizon!  The New Moon will start from 02:24 GMT 16th July UK time. This is one of my favourite new moon.  (Okay, I love all new moons, as there is always a burst of positive growing energy.  But this is a really good one).  Moon in Cancer is in her own sign.  She is most comfortable in this place.  It is equivalent to the Queen living in our own palace, feeling very at home and serene.

So what kind of project will be good for this new Moon?

Anything to do with the family.  Activities with your loved ones, little home improvement projects, learning to cook a new dish, growing new herbs in your garden are all good things to do.  There will be less travelling about and a tendency to remain at home.  Perhaps if you are thinking of buying a house?  This is a generally favourable period.

It is likely for you to indulge in food, as food gives us comfort.  A mental note for those of us who are on diet.  You will find something emotionally fulfilling to do.  Enjoy the new Moon cycle and let me know your creative ideas?


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