What can we learn from Strength

The Strength card helps me whenever I feel myself not courageous enough.  Admittedly I have assertiveness issue sometimes, for fear of being bullied.  I am afraid to be different, and do not want to upset people because of the truth that I hold.  When the time comes, I meditate with this card and manifest that I have the self-confidence and courage to express myself.

This card appears when you feel weak, vulnerable, depressed or overwhelmed by the current situation.  It is an omen that the ability to overcome your problem is all inside you.  You are good enough.  Have faith in yourself.  You will need to rely on your inner strength, patience and gentleness to solve the problem. Your position is strong and you are able to confront someone who has been pushing you around. Look at the lady in the image and learn from her: a tactful, diplomatic approach shall lead to success.

Strength comes in many forms.  The strongest is a moral one.

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