Time to celebrate: Lughnasadh! (Lammas!)

First of all, here is how to pronounce the word:

This name is Celtic.  The 1st of August (Lughnasadh) is one of the eight sabbats or days of power in the wiccan calendar.  It is time of the first harvest, when the plants of Spring wither and drop their fruits for our use (as well as to ensure future crops).  In the past Lughnasadh was not necessarily observed on this day, instead the celebration was waited until the first reapings, which was around 1st of August.  Mystically, God loses his strength as the sun rises farther in the south each day and the nights grow longer.

As summer passes, we are reminded of its warmth and bounty in the food we eat.  Every meal is an act of attunement with nature, and we shall remember that nothing in the universe is constant.  The foods of Lughnasadh include bread, blackberries, apples, all grains and locally riped fruits.  A cake is sometimes baked, and cider is used in place of wine.  Visits to fields, orchards, lakes and wells are also traditional.  

The oberservance of nature’s cycle reminds us of the endless cycle that will continue long after we are gone.  I will go hiking for the weekend.  How about you?

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