What can we learn from The Wheel of Fortune

What do you think about the idea of luck?  Do you think that luck factor is out of our control, or we can bring ourselves good luck?  I am definitely a believer of the latter.   Our positive attitude has everything to do with bringing good luck.  Believing that today is the best day in life truly will bring all the joy and happiness to you right away, says the law of attraction, and the magician!

In a party reading when someone pulls this card I would say ‘hey you lucky fellow, the Goddess of Fortuna is with you and all will only be better from now on.’  However in a professional setting I tend to be more conservative when this card appears.  This card is ruled by Jupiter, who represents the energy of growth and expansion.  Definitely there is movement in the wheel, yet which direction is it heading?  Very much is dependent on the baseline of the situation.  If the situation is at the bottom low, the only direction is an upward movement.  Indeed all will only be better.  If the situation is at the best as it can be, then the only way is to go downward.  The wheel is a circle which goes round and round, up and down.

However do not worry when the cycle is going downward.  What goes up, must come down.  For the end of one phase is the start of a new one.  A change for the better.

2 thoughts on “What can we learn from The Wheel of Fortune

    1. The Magician Post author

      You have been looking after the plants and flowers with great love Mr. Gardener. This is very good deed to our planet earth. The Angels ask you to continue this good work. When good luck comes to you like now, receive them with a grateful heart. When something is about to change, know that there is always a divine purpose – making you an ever better soul. All is well.

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