Moonstone Your Emotion Healing Crystal

Fine crystals of nearly transparent moonstone are commonly found throughout the Mont Blanc mountain range.  In fact another name for moonstone is adularia, derived from Mount Adula in Switzerland where they are often found.  The most important source is Sri Lanka.  However it is in India that moonstone has the longest history.  Indian women in particular have long held the stone in high esteem.

Moonstone is one of the best stones for bringing emotional calm and stability, as it has the ability to quickly release tensions created by emotional stress.  This stress often affects stomach and digestive system, carrying a moonstone can relieve stomachaches and headaches if their source is emotional.  Menstrual cramps and other blocks of the female reproductive organs can be eased.

Moonstone has a very feminine energy.  In divination, it can represent an important female in the querent’s life.  It can also stand for the feminine qualities of emphathy, listening and intuition.  Because the moon controls our life cycle, moonstone in a reading indicates that the querent needs to aware of a natural cycle of growth to all things.  There is no point to rush – everything happens in its own time.

I used water-sun method to cleanse the newly bought moonstones for my girl friends.  I deliberately left the crystals under the moonlight to absorb the moon energy.  At the time of consecration the moon was in her last quarter phase which was apt for reaffirming my vision that the crystals with bring their highest good to my friends who carry them.  I hope I will see you in the next couple of weeks so I can give you one of those little precious thing.  

Chemical formula: potassium aluminium silicate

Crystal system: monoclinic

Hardness: 6-6.5

Lustre: vitreous

Colour: pearly white, cream, yellow, blue, sometimes with cat’s eye or rainbows


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