What can we learn from Justice

Have you noticed the scale and the sword she is holding?  If you were to be judged by this lady today with your deeds, would you like to have a fair hearing? I bet!  Luckily Ms. Judge abides to the law religiously hence always comes to a fair and just outcome.

Justice usually appears when you must weigh in many factors to make a decision. Ms. Judge cautions you to think carefully and wisely, balance the pros and cons, before reaching any conclusions.  She is one of calm and balance.  Sometimes she can be very literal to foretell a law suit is coming up.  If so, legal matters will proceed in a fair and calm manner.  If you didn’t do anything wrong, you may receive a fair compensation soon.  However if you have acted unjustly, you are about to face the consequence.

Balance has to be restored.

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