Your Year Number Lessons

Since I posted my Mid-Year 2015 Review I received a lot of friends asking me about their year number.  I thought it would be good to do a summary here.

Here is how to calculate your personal year card:

Add the date and month of your birth to the current year:

Example: 22 Aug 2015 = 22 + 8 + 2015 = 2045 = 11 Justice

In determining the year card, you always keep the highest number under 23 (remember 22 = The Fool).  The resulting number corresponds with the major arcana year card.

I like Mary Greer a lot, she is a very intelligent tarot practitioner.  Her book Tarot for Your Self explained about the Year Cards nicely.  The following list suggests a few of the possible lessons you might learn from your year card:

1 THE MAGICIAN: Focusing your attention, writing, communicating, magic, the use of mind over matter, all mental endeavours.

2 THE HIGH PRIESTESS: Independence, intuitive or psychic development, your ability to relate to women, self-nurturing.

3 THE EMPRESS: Creativity, pregnancy, nurturing others, relating to women, love of pleasure and beautiful things, being magnetic and attractive.

4 THE EMPEROR: Beginning new things, pioneering, building, structuring, being assertive and authoritative, establishing a groundwork or secure base. Relating to men.

5 THE HIEROPHANT: Learning and teaching, listening and speaking, working within social structures and hierarchies – understanding “the system.”

6 THE LOVERS: Relating, major choices having to do with relationships, making decisions and accepting responsibility for them.

7 THE CHARIOT: Proving yourself out in the world, moving, travel, learning to protect – taking care of yourself and others. Setting and achieving goals.

8 STRENGTH/LUST: Desire for creativity, strong passions and desires, a challenge calling for great strength and endurance. Handling anger.

9 THE HERMIT: Solitude, introspection, learning by experience or through a role model, perfecting, seeking, completing a project.

10 THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE: Major change – of residence, job, outlook; completion of one cycle and beginning of another, luck and fate, fame and fortune.

11 JUSTICE/ADJUSTMENT: Legal and financial considerations, balance and harmony, learning to get along with others yet be true to yourself, partnerships, contracts.

12 THE HANGED MAN: Handling your hang-ups, self-sacrifice, martyrdom, alcoholism and addictions, surrendering your fixed ideas, attitudes, and beliefs. Gaining a new perspective.

13 DEATH: Letting go of something, cutting through outworn forms to allow for new growth, rebirth and regeneration, pain, examining things to their full depth, research.

14 TEMPERANCE/ART: Developing health and healing practices, testing and trying out your beliefs and philosophy, creative combinations.

15 THE DEVIL: Power struggles, manipulation, keeping a sense of humour, stirring up unrest, questioning authority, strong sexuality.

16 THE TOWER: Cleansing – bodywork, diet, fasting, housecleaning; anger and pain, tearing down or burning out old structures no longer necessary.

17 THE STAR: Recognition for your achievements, idealism and humanism, with the need to act on them; consciousness of the earth as a living entity, with the desire to heal her.

18 THE MOON: Imagination and dream work very strong, sense of being drawn by an unknown desire, karmic relationships.

19 THE SUN: Recognition, achievement of a major goal, marriage and/or birth, sense of self-worth.

20 JUDGMENT/AEON: Dealing with judgment, criticism, evaluation from yourself and others; breakthrough to new beliefs, worldview, understanding; born again, dealing with death and transitions.

21 THE WORLD/UNIVERSE: Learning to dance on your own limitations, working within limitations or structure, sense of endless potential.

22 THE F00L: Adventure, travel, daring, openness to new experience.

Hope you find the information helpful.  I encourage you to try it out.  Enjoy!

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