What can we learn from The Devil

Literally to me this is an SM card.  Something which is really tempting yet at the same time seems to be a taboo in the world around me.  I am a brought up Christian, my personality card is The Hierophant.  You got the plot – that I am a conservative by default.  I think it is exciting to do something out of bound every now and then, as long as we will come back to balance eventually, like The Temperance.  In the very long run, achieving a balanced mind state is good for the human soul.  I have seen some clairvoyants who can see spirits and talk to dead people.  They usually have an over-developed third eye chakra. Is this a true blessing?

The Devil is ruled by Capricorn.  Capricorn is a cardinal earth sign which depicts achievement and success.  So The Devil card is not so evil after all.  If you pull this card, SM maybe an idea to try on, but not necessary.  It could be a message that success is on the horizon – just do not attach so much to it or you may become a workaholic.  It is possible that you are addicted to something e.g. drugs that the card wants to encourage you to stay away from it.  Sometimes success could be very addictive, just remember that work is not all. Find balance by engaging in soul-nourishing activities like having a good laugh with your friends, eating healthy or working out.

If you believe that you are chained up like the small figures in the card, look at them carefully the chains are not locked up.  The bondage is self-imposed.  You are able to change for the better.  It is your call.

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