What can we learn from The Tower

A friend of mine told me this is the card he pulls out all the time.  Once I did a reading for him and voila, The Tower card appeared again!  He was particularly scared of this card as the image with characters falling down, the thunder strokes and the fire were so vivid.  It seemed like a horror movie.  So where is the saving grace?

We live in a world with structure built around us, and to a large extent we prefer life that is somewhat predictable with certain routines.  (Okay, Aquarians are in the exception).  The Tower predicts a sudden collapse of an old way of life.  To many it is a traumatic experience with surprise and crisis. You may find yourself suddenly selling your home, changing your job or flipping over an important relationship.

The point of such change is to learn an important truth about yourself following the death of an illusion.  It is painful in the sort term but a liberation in the long term.  This is the time in life most appropriate to let go false beliefs that hinder your growth. Some obsolete structure has to be shattered so that you can be enlightened.  The old has to be dissolved to make way for the new.

While things are not the same after the fall, the universe wants to let you know this is meant for your better.

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