What can we learn from The Star

I remembered there was a face moisturizer called ‘Hope in a Jar’.  It was so clever and it tempted a lot of beauty-loving creatures to shop till the stock had gone out.

We have here our hope in The Star.  When this card appears there is so much blessing and optimism that we know all is going to be well.  The Star gives promise for happiness, comfort, love and protection for the future.  The key word is hope of course, but also future.  My experience is goodness will come indeed, but it does take time and often a little longer than I want to wait.  We will just need a little patience with this card, consider this an opportunity to develop our inner grace.

The Star is a very positive card.  Now is a time to rely on your inner wisdom for guidance.  Or perhaps consult your astrologer on your natal and transit charts.  The Star is a card of hope, good fortune, grace and beauty.  Your guardian angel is watching over you.

Have a very blessed day.

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